Inmerse yourself in the fascinating world if birds, among the mountain forests of San Fabián

Birdwatching is an activity focused on discovering the fascinating world of birds and the ecosystems where they thrive. For many, birdwatching is a motivation to spend more time in natural environments. But although birds are the easiest group of animals to observe in the field, because their form of mobility is flight and they are seen regularly, not all species of birds that inhabit our country are easy to see, some being much easier to hear than to see. For example the chucao and the churrines, who inhabit the surroundings of water courses in the lower parts of the forest. Others have very small habitats or populations, such as the condor, the king of the Andes that can only be seen in the high mountains. On the other hand, certain birds such as the peuquito and the con-con are very emblematic of ancient native forests, and are rarely observed.

San Fabián de Alico, being a zone of climatic and vegetative transition, has a great diversity of ecosystems, which increases the probability of encountering bird species during an outdoor activity. Our birdwatching tours take place in environments such as lagoons, steep peaks and forests with sclerophyllous species. evergreen and deciduous. If you are in love with nature, think no more and join an activity with us to discover, observe and hear the birds of our beautiful mountain range.