Ecology We are responsible for taking care of our planet, its resources and species. We admire nature while respecting the flora and fauna, leaving the smallest possible footprint and collecting garbage if we find it on the way … Much of the food that we take to cook during the walks is local and comes from agro-ecological gardens. Our guides are Leave No Trace monitors and environmental educators.


Security Safety is a priority for us, we always have a satellite system to be able to request rescue in any area of ​​the mountain range, radios in the case of large groups and a complete first-aid kit. Our guides conduct first aid courses in remote areas (WAFA). We only go for a walk if the weather forecast for the previous day announces good weather: partly cloudy or better. Look at weather forecast.


Social We respect the locals and their traditions. We contribute to sustainable local development by buying local products for the meals included in the tours, and by hiring local actors for multiple services: homemade meals, horse rental, assistant muleteer service, folk singer, etc. On the other hand, as most of the walks are on private farms, we need permits to be able to walk through these lands and sometimes it is necessary to pay an entrance fee.