San Fabián mountains horse ride - More info


What is included:

  •         Guide with his knowledge about the area, fauna and flor
  •         Support mule driver (s) for horses and mules, with their legends and traditions to share
  •         Horses and their equipment
  •         Helmets (highly recommended in these very rocky Andean terrain) and half-leg chaps
  •         Pack mules (10 kg maximum per person for your personal equipment)
  •         Entry to private properties when necessary
  •         Tent if necessary (tents for 2 people)
  •         Dining tent or awning, and bathroom tent in case of large groups
  •         All meals (includes a night of barbecue with goat on the stick and the equivalent of a glass of wine per person per night) with all cooking materials
  •         Personal saddlebag to have on hand only what they need for the daily trip (water bottle, knife, snack, camera, toilet paper, alcohol gel, personal garbage bag (we do not leave anything in nature), coat in case of cold / rain and sunscreen). The rest of the things are delivered every morning to the guide so that they can go in the load (please, do not take too many things apart from your sleeping bag, mat, tent if you want to take yours, clothes to change at night , a couple of light shawls if you want, towel, ecological soap, flashlight and personal hygiene material).
  •         100-liter expedition bags to load your personal gear onto the mules
  •         Human / horse first aid kit
  •         Rescue beacon or satellite phone, maps and GPS
  •         Adventure tourism insurance


Not included in price

  • Sleeping bag, pad
  • Personal equipment (clothing, clothing, etc.)
  • Transportation between San Fabián and Pichirrincón (can be arranged)
  • Tips


Recommended equipment for the activity:

  • It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing, hiking boots (riding boots also suitable for hiking; riding boots are not recommended since their sole is very smooth), long pants (riding, jeans, etc.), a light shirt but with long sleeves to protect yourself from the sun, a light cloth to cover your nose in places where a little dust gets up when the horses step on it, and gloves if you want to protect your hands from contact with the reins. The day before the tour, we can get together to try on chaps and helmets (and pass them the expedition bags).
  • Water: we will have water on the way, the rivers are quite clean, and very few times we have seen people get sick from wadding due to the water from the mountain range. If they wish, the water can be boiled at the camp, or they can bring filter bottles.
  • Food: advise if someone has a special regime.
  • To have on hand in your saddlebags: water bottle, knife, snack, camera, comfort paper,alcohol gel, mask, personal garbage bag (we do not leave anything in nature), coat in case of cold / rain and sunscreen. We recommend having another first aid kit in addition to the one we carry.


Suggested Material List:

  • Tent if you want to bring yours
  • Slepping bag
  • Pad
  • Waterproof / Windproof coats
  • Down or fleece parka for the night
  • Socks and underwear
  • Comfortable clothing for horseback riding, with long-sleeved shirts to protect yourself from the sun
  • Important: 2 changes of clothes are usually enough
  • Boots (on)
  • Water shoes or shawls to rest in the afternoon (I wear Crocs type shoes, light, comfortable and firm if I want to use them in the water)
  • Sunglasses
  • Wide-brimmed sun hat (in case you decide not to wear a helmet), or a cap to protect yourself from the sun when you go fishing
  • Scarf / kerchief or bandana to avoid dust
  • Sunscreen
  • Protection for the lips against wind and sun
  • Knife
  • Lantern
  • Personal fishing equipment
  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Personal hygiene material, ecological soap
  • Personal medications if they are with a special treatment
  • Toilette paper and personal garbage bag
  • Alcohol gel and masks


Respect for nature: we will not leave waste, the least amount of footprints possible ... your personal garbage bags will be used for your comfort paper and other personal waste, we must not forget them ...


Covid 19: We will all have our personal alcohol gel on hand, and masks in case we have to talk more closely, take care if someone needs help ...


Booking conditions: You are asked to sign a discharge of responsibility and an affidavit of health for the Covid before the tour, in addition to paying 50% of the total value for your reservation. This money will be returned to them in the event that the meteorology announced the previous week is very bad, or that there is any inconvenience related to Covid.

Andeaë Andean expeditions is not responsible for objects lost during the development of the activity.