Let’s photograph together the incredible biological diversity of San Fabián and its wonderful nature

With the explosion of digital photography and the increasingly high-quality cameras built into cell phones, the fever for traveling photography has grown exponentially. But to take high-level photos, just pressing a button is not enough. The manual options of our digital cameras or cell phones give us a wide range of possibilities, being able to capture from incredible macro images of the tiniest beings to incredible photographs of the Milky Way. Join a photographic experience with us and discover in the field how to get the most out of your photographic equipment. Learn from basic concepts about your equipment configuration (ISO, shutter speed, diaphragm aperture, depth of field, focus systems, among others) to more technical aspects such as photographic composition, motion photography, astrophotography and macro photography. Álvaro, our guide in Fototours activities, has several years of photographic experience, he has held numerous exhibitions in different cities of the Ñuble region showing the work collected to date, he is passionate about nature, birds and nights out in the outdoors.