Tragedias falls hike


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Tragedias falls hike

The Tragedias falls, a beautiful waterfall over 10 meters high, is located in the Valley of Tragedies, approximately 10 kilometers from the Pichirrincón sector. A little before reaching the waterfall, there is a small canyon in which incredible pools are formed where one can bathe in summer. A beautiful path bordering mountain rivers will lead us to this important landmark of the San Fabián commune. Walking among the colorful and arid mountains of the Andes, we will enjoy the wild nature and its majestic landscapes, beautiful views over crystal clear rivers and waterfalls, discovering the native flora and looking for the condors in the sky. In autumn we will be lucky enough to be able to taste the delicious fruit of the Lleuque (Prumnopitys andina).

Leaving early from San Fabián, we will follow by vehicle the beautiful Ñuble river towards the border with Argentina, and then its tributary the Los Sauces river until we reach the town of Pichirrincón. Here we will leave our vehicles and prepare to start our great adventure. The trail begins at the Pichirrincón footbridge, an infrastructure used by muleteers and inhabitants of the area to be able to cross the Los Sauces river. Then we will head northeast, heading to the Valley of Tragedies, enjoying beautiful views over the Gonzalez River. We will be attentive to the possibility of spotting condors in the nearby peaks and other birds of prey present in the sector. After 4 kilometers, we will arrive at a plain (area with abundant water), where we will rest for a while. Shortly after this point we will begin to walk through the Valley of Tragedies, with an incredible view of the surrounding hills, decorated by their colorful minerals and delicate waterfalls. We will pass in front of the Palo Seco post, a mountain refuge where muleteers stay during the summer season. This position is only 1.5 kilometers from our goal, being a clear indicator that our destination is close. Before reaching the waterfall of Tragedies, we will go to admire a canyon with incredible waterfalls and pools, a sector called by the locals as the Falls of Tragedies. This will be our camping place where we will leave our backpacks to go to visit the waterfall and its surroundings. It is essential to take into consideration when setting up a camp several of the Do Not Leave a Trace principles, principles that we will explain in the place and that will help us to generate the least possible impact on the natural environment. During the night we can observe the milky way and the constellations present, and take astrophotography. The second day in the morning we will be able to rest and enjoy a sunrise in the mountain range. After a good breakfast in the middle of the mountain range, we will raise our campsite and begin our return journey, along the same path as the climb.
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