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El Padre mountain hike

The summit of El Padre mountain is undoubtedly one of the most striking in the San Fabián commune due to its shape and the geological particularity of the site. It is the only place in San Fabián where the granite takes on a beautiful orange-pink color. The rocks at its summit form massive monoliths that stand out in the landscape. In addition, this walk offers an incredible view of the Valiente lagoon and the Huemules mountain range located in the Maule region.

We will meet in the main square at 8:00 am and we will go northwest, to the Maitenal sector. We will travel a distance of approximately 4 kilometers in a 4×4 vehicle (consider an additional cost for transportation if you do not have a 4×4 vehicle), until we reach the “Brillo de Luna” campsite. We will begin to walk through the native forest, observing the flora and fauna, enjoying the pure air and the peace that surrounds us. Along the trail grow tree species such as hualo (Nothofagus glauca), canelo (Drimys winteri), mountain cypress (Austrocedrus chilensis), lingue (Persea lingue), mañío (Podocarpus salignus), coigüe (Nothofagus dombeyi), Arrayán (Luma apiculata), Avellano (Gevuina avellana), among others. In spring and autumn, intertwined in the foliage of the trees, the pink flowers of the copihues (Lapageria rosea) stand out. Perhaps we will be able to hear the hammering of black woodpeckers (Campephilus magellanicus) and the song of chucaos (Scelorchilus rubecula). After traveling a distance of 4.5 kilometers, we will arrive at a summer sector, where the position of a muleteer is located, in a more rocky and open environment. In this area we will rest for a few minutes, enjoying the views of the valley where the Valiente lagoon is located. At the end of the rest we will begin the most demanding section, with a constant ascent for 1.5 kilometers, until we reach the edge of the hill and the summit, with its incredible panoramic view. After a good picnic and rest, we will make the return journey along the same path as the climb.
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