Rural tourism

In addition to its beautiful natural attractions, San Fabián has a rural community with beautiful traditions, crafts, folklore, gastronomy and culture.

Do you want to know the people and culture of an authentic mountain town? Come and live a unique experience combining adventure and culture, an ideal travel proposal for those who seek to discover beautiful places outside of mass tourism. We organize typical meals in the homes of peasants or local muleteers, who cook delicious dishes based on animals of their own breeding and vegetables from their gardens: roast goat on the stick, embers omelette with pebre, pantrucas, country hen casserole … In San Fabián, we can invite a local folk singer to play during the aperitif, and local artisans to display their beautiful woolen fabrics. In the mountain range, we take mates in families of muleteers, we consume local products, we learn the traditional shouts and to use the noose with the muleteers. You can contact us if you need information about local producers of honey, garden vegetables and crafts, or visit the following page: If you need a goat or lamb roast preparation service, you can contact Miguel Almuna (+56 9 8523 2352).