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Valiente lagoon

From the countryside to the mountains, an ideal walk to discover the cultural and natural heritage of an authentic Andean town in the central area. Although this lagoon is one of the closest to San Fabián, it is still little known even by locals. It represents one of the few excursions that can be done in a single day, allowing you to be filled with natural beauty, tranquility and learn a lot about the native flora.

From the Plaza de San Fabián or your accommodation (departure at 8:00 am), we will drive to the Maitenal sector, where the horses will wait. After the presentations and the induction talk we will get on our horses to start our adventure, riding through forest plantations at the beginning, and very soon through the native forest of the most biodiverse in Chile, observing the flora and fauna, enjoying the air. pure and the peace that surrounds us. Along the path grow tree species of hualo (Nothofagus glauca), canelo (Drimys winteri), mountain cypress (Austrocedrus chilensis), lingue (Persea lingue), mañío (Podocarpus salignus), coigüe (Nothofagus dombeyi), arrayán (Luma apiculata ), avellano (Gevuina avellana), among others. In spring and autumn, intertwined in the foliage of the trees, the pink flowers of the copihues (Lapageria rosea) stand out. Perhaps we will be able to hear the hammering of black woodpeckers (Campephilus magellanicus) and the song of chucaos (Scelorchilus rubecula). We will go up quietly until a first break to release the legs and drink water. Then we will continue climbing through more rocky parts, observing how the vegetation changes as we climb, until we reach a beautiful lake surrounded by an old forest of coigües (Nothofagus dombeyi) and white granite walls. In summer you will be able to admire the flowers of the guindo santo (Eucryphia glutinosa), a tree that presents conservation problems (vulnerable according to the Species Classification Regulation). Before going down, we will enjoy the place to eat the picnic, rest, bathe and admire the landscape: the lake, the granite walls on the hills and the huge trunks of the Coigües.

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