Hiking is one of the best ways to explore and enjoy the beauties of nature: mountains, native forests, falls, lagoons…Connect yourself with breath, find your own speed and you will get to know the most beautiful spots in our mountains.

Sensory trail

Half day
We will discover one of Chile’s most diverse forests with full senses, opening eyes, ears, deep breathing to catch scents, touching the softness and hardness, and trying amazing forest fruits… See more


Alico mountain

Whole day
In this journey our destiny is Alico’s mountain, which names the town on San Fabián de Alico. From the main square, we will spot our destiny and its moderate altitude (1.260 m)…See more


Malalcura mountain

Whole day
Whole day journey, a hard ascend with a total gain of 1,400m to the summit of San Fabián’s most characteristic mountain. We will have amazing views from top…See more


Valle hermoso

Whole day
Valle hermoso is a paradise of native forests, located behind the Mortandad mountains. It is a long hiking journey, with great views from top, including Malalcura, Piedras valley and Chillán Volcanoes…See more


Valiente lagoon

Whole day
Amazing lagoon sorrounded by old forests and quite close to San Fabián. this journey is a great activity for everyone. We offer two versions, one of which can be done by children…See more


Alto del Padre Mountain

Whole day
Alto del Padre’s summit is one of San Fabián’s most outstanding spot, because of geological features. Is the only place around where granite gets an orange color…See more


Las Tragedias Falls

Two days / one night
Las Tragedias water falls, with a 10 meter fall, is located in the deep mountains of San Fabián. We will visit the canyon formed by the river, with amazing swimming spots in the summer…See more


Florido lagoon

Two days / one night
Beautiful lagoon located at 1,750m in altitude, in the mountains around Pichirrincón. Located in an old volcanic crater, it shows hundreds of colors during spring and summer because of wild flower blossom…See more


Hiking between women

Hal day / Several days
Organize a journey alone with Kora or your friends, and let’s go to walk among girls! Mountain challenges us and sometimes group with boys are not desirable. No one undestands a girl better than another girl…See more